All Eyes on Texas

Texas GOP trending vs Texas DNC Best (2000-2016): This trend is most likely. Tarrant County and Williams County become toss-ups!


These stats are just predictions, anything can happen but by analyzing the data and current trends, it isn’t looking favorable:

Data from:

formula used: =(current-past)/current

Current trending: This is the average in new voters, these are the battleground counties.


Trends for the year 2020:

Texas GOP best vs Texas DNC Worst (2000-2016): I doubt this will happen again, the DNC seen its worst in 2012, people just stayed home:


Texas GOP trending vs Texas DNC Best (2000-2016): This trend is most likely. Tarrant County and Williams County become toss-ups!


Texas GOP trending vs Texas DNC Worst (2000-2016): This is unlikely even with a bad DNC candidate, we all thought Hillary was bad, but she actually did well in Texas.


Texas GOP Best vs Texas DNC Worst (2000-2016): Could this be possible but I don’t see how.


Texas GOP Best vs Texas DNC Best (2000-2016): Who would be the candidates to see this happen?


Current projection on current trends: What is shocking and should not be dismissed is the explosion in new DNC voters. Also keep in mind how this affects the Texas Legislature.





Can Texas Shake off Progressive Government?

Progressivism is a term for a reform movement in the United States early in the twentieth century and progressivism in Texas led the nation in many ways¹. From Edward M. House, a Texan and influential politician a ‘cosmopolitan progressive’ advised many Texas governors and even was influential as a personal advisor to Woodrow Wilson. But frays of opposition started to root in progressivism by the Bourbon Democrats, but it was too late. The idea of progressive government set in a few progressive Texans would help to create an operational change to our founding document, the 17th Amendment.

The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible. – Woodrow Wilson

Texas would continue to lead in progressive reforms, making schools ‘bigger and better’. In education reform they would dump more money yet Texas in the 1920’s would rank at the bottom among other states. Higher education wouldn’t only become swallowed up by government but its ideology would spread like wild fire. After more failure, the ‘New Deal’ would pile on more progressive reform, but scandal always follows.

We skip ahead toward Lyndon Johnson, more reforms come, the ‘Great Society’. But the ‘radical 60’s’ would generate radical ideas into progressivism. 

The start of the 1970’s, in Texas, would see its first conservative governor since reconstruction, Dolph Briscoe, but it would be short lived as the political shift would still teeter between Republican Clement and Democrat White. This period between Clement and White, seems to be the period when conservatives in Texas pushed against Progressive government. Ross Perot burst on the scenes. But again, political strife and scandal would follow. Ann W. Richards would step in and continue the need for more progressive reforms.

We witnessed a major power shift, progressive government always looks to power outside the will and consent of the governed. Now that the top is secure, progressives are now focused locally to secure more pockets of power. The point of this is to highlight a trend, has progressive government really worked? Today the Texas House of Representatives look to continue that trend.

¹ McDonald, A. P. (2007). Texas: a compact history. Abilene, TX: State House Press/McMurry University.

Why are the American People unwilling to restrain our national government?

People are unwilling to say it, but progressive government has now become a national security threat.

Why are the American people unwilling to restrain our nation government, and why are the state legislatures? It is interesting that the American people and the Congress were willing to restrain the state legislatures when the 17th amendment was adopted, but failed to address the cronies, perfect plan.

The only time we ever allowed a state convention was to repeal the 18th amendment. -priorities

It is really a shame that our state legislatures do not understand their own power in Article V of the Constitution. Some state legislatures go even as far as to put restraints on themselves and put jail time for any wayward delegate at a state convention. If delegates are caught with a gift, jail time. Why don’t we put these types of restraints on our Congress? Yet, some states have gone as far as banning themselves from an Article V application basically by putting up complicated barriers.

Interesting that these standards don’t apply to the congress, whereas, we have had over 400 Article V applications and never had a state convention on proposing amendments that is because they did not have the same language- a firewall. Moreover, the very first Article V application that was ever sent to Washington, the 1788 Virginia Legislature, called it a “Convention of the States”. That would later become our Bill of Rights.

If anyone knows anything about the history of our founding document they would see that the framers knew that the citizens would need a mode in putting restraints on an over-reaching national government, that power would have to be restored to We The People. But as an added firewall they put in another mode and that is ratification.


The framers understood the nature of man, that men would usurp power. But the American people and state legislatures would rather be misguided by special interest ‘dumb-you-down-think-tanks’ then actually do the homework themselves.

People are unwilling to say it, but progressive government has now become a national security threat.

Source: Library of Congress: AC V.1 258-259