Texas GOP needs to fix Messaging!

Democratic growth in Texas is higher than anywhere else in the nation.


In 2008, I came to Texas from California, and it had taken me about 6 years to figure out why Texas did better in the 2008 recession. I had never heard the message of Conservatism, not until, 2013. But I had to dig deep for it, because when the GOP doesn’t hold true to it, it just builds the lefts case. We need to do better in messaging, and hold true to conservatism, listen to the grassroots!

Meanwhile, this is what is happening! We are losing the long game!

As Gilberto Hinojosa said, we know dark times are coming — but in Texas, Democratic growth is higher than anywhere else in the nation.  

“While national Democrats came up short, Texas Democrats did not. Together, we have accomplished what few thought possible, the closest presidential margin in two decades. Texas was one of only a few states where Democrats improved on 2012 presidential performance, in fact, Texas had the largest increase in Democratic presidential performance from 2012 to 2016 in the nation.

“Here are the facts. Texas Democrats swept Harris and Bexar county elections, and held Democratic strongholds along the Rio Grande Valley, and in El Paso, Jefferson, Dallas, and Travis counties. Texas Democrats made new inroads into suburban counties like Williamson and Fort Bend. Texas Democrats picked up 5 seats in the Texas House. Texas Democrats won the 4th and 13th Court of Appeals. This only a small part of the story Texas Democrats have to tell. With clear eyes, faith, and a whole lot of grit, Texas Democrats will continue to unite behind our families, and deliver serious leadership and real solutions. The business of our state and nation must be done. It’s time to get back to work, and keep fighting. Our devotion and commitment to hardworking families has never stopped, it will always be the driving force behind everything we do.

In this short video, you will see a combination of corruption and fear mongering to generate hateful rhetoric:

All eyes are on Texas, we must win at messaging, win hearts and minds.. Simply saying, and dismissing it as, “F**** California people”, is a wasted opportunity!

Texas can lead the nation, can lead the GOP, correctly and effectively address this issue, but it will take all hands on deck!

-grassroots guy