Why are the American People unwilling to restrain our national government?

People are unwilling to say it, but progressive government has now become a national security threat.


Why are the American people unwilling to restrain our nation government, and why are the state legislatures? It is interesting that the American people and the Congress were willing to restrain the state legislatures when the 17th amendment was adopted, but failed to address the cronies, perfect plan.

The only time we ever allowed a state convention was to repeal the 18th amendment. -priorities

It is really a shame that our state legislatures do not understand their own power in Article V of the Constitution. Some state legislatures go even as far as to put restraints on themselves and put jail time for any wayward delegate at a state convention. If delegates are caught with a gift, jail time. Why don’t we put these types of restraints on our Congress? Yet, some states have gone as far as banning themselves from an Article V application basically by putting up complicated barriers.

Interesting that these standards don’t apply to the congress, whereas, we have had over 400 Article V applications and never had a state convention on proposing amendments that is because they did not have the same language- a firewall. Moreover, the very first Article V application that was ever sent to Washington, the 1788 Virginia Legislature, called it a “Convention of the States”. That would later become our Bill of Rights.

If anyone knows anything about the history of our founding document they would see that the framers knew that the citizens would need a mode in putting restraints on an over-reaching national government, that power would have to be restored to We The People. But as an added firewall they put in another mode and that is ratification.


The framers understood the nature of man, that men would usurp power. But the American people and state legislatures would rather be misguided by special interest ‘dumb-you-down-think-tanks’ then actually do the homework themselves.

People are unwilling to say it, but progressive government has now become a national security threat.

Source: Library of Congress: AC V.1 258-259



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